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amanda and michael toussaint,

owners of Fresh-Mex & Co. 


fresh-mex & co. is a fast-casual dining experience with a chef-driven menu and signature items crafted specifically with flavor in mind. at fresh-mex & co. we focus on an overall experience and not only the value of good food, served fast.  fresh mex & co. is an urban grill and cantina, inspired by the new york restaurant scene.  


our ingredients are high quality, often local, usually healthy and minus the additives, preservatives and chemicals.  our long-term goals are not simply profit driven; we focus on community development and an investment in suppliers and vendors who create sustainable, whole foods. 


at fresh-mex & co. we focus less on an assembly-line experience and promote community tables, shared experiences, excellent service, and fresh food supported by a relaxed flow and upscale environment. 


the restaurant's warm design features cozy booths, butcher block community tables, white-washed reclaimed wood walls, and a glass garage door opening into the full service bar from the terrace.  the plush booths and swanky style of chairs, seat up to 172 people. guests enjoy the quaint, covered porch with low-lit, exposed bulbs hanging from the ceiling.   


amanda and michael toussaint, the owners of fresh-mex & co. are local, health and taste conscious individuals with roots in the nyc and los angeles restaurant scene.  amanda has her masters in health and michael is a retired lt. from the fdny. 


amanda and michael believe that eating out should be a positive experience from the moment you walk in.  they created a space for the busy professional's lifestyle.  they designed their space and the menu to embody this concept.


their mission is to serve the highest quality, sustainable and locally sourced products as possible while giving their customers the most value.  and because fresh-mex & co. is not a franchise, their customers will not be paying for a boardroom for executives.

Mexican Meal


to serve the highest quality, sustainable and locally sourced products as

possible while giving our customers the most value.  

values not value

we always strive to use the best quality ingredients.

it is important for us to make our menu fresh,

affordable and keep health in mind.

we use whole foods only.

we say no to artificial flavors, colors,

preservatives and chemicals in our food.  

we stand by our flavor!  healthy doesn’t

have to mean leaving hungry and unsatisfied.

all natural chicken breast.  no added preservatives, hormones or phosphates. 

all natural beef antibiotic free. no added hormones. 

wild caught fish 

rbgh-free cheese & sour cream some farms use rbgh for increasing milk production, but we choose to buy rbgh-free. 

organic beans organic black beans made without lard. 

organic rice organic white rice 

local produce . we are committed to making a positive impact on our earth and our community. we source local ingredients when available.

Earth and our community. We source local ingredients when available.


the 80/20 rule

if you eat right 80% of the time, you can eat whatever you want 20% of the time.

we believe in balance, so feel free to indulge on our more decadent traditional favorites!                  

“I really regret eating healthy today.”  -said by no one  


Fresh Mex Co
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